Dis bowt my dear furfriend Poppy..


Dis be Poppy a kwite eggstaordinry Jack Russell.

We are great friends and play and run and scrap ( Bol)


Cos of sum problems wiv where she lived, poppy has come to live wiv us but sadly we need to find her a furever home so ere are sum fings bowt her you shuds nose.


Numba one she is cute Bol.
Two she is 4 yeers old, spayed, vaccinatid, chipped, and did I say she was cute?


She is friendly and plays well wiv uver dogs, she is good in da house and very snuggly…

We fink she wud like to go to a owse wiv anuva dog but on er own wuds be good too.

A warnin is dat she dus get upcited and bark a bit but dat cos she a terrier..

She likes chews specially afta dinner, she dus neber do chewin in da house or poos or wees.

She a very loving and funny gerl…. Oh did we say….


She is uber cute ….

Opes we can find er a lovin home… Be nice if we cuds see er on twitta too… Magine dat!!

Fanks fur listenin.. We got our paws crossed xxx

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2 Responses to Dis bowt my dear furfriend Poppy..

  1. sammytheboxer says:

    I love Poppy. She seems to be a caring, loving & super cute dog! I hope she finds a forever home soon & maybe even play with Diesel and have adventures from time to time. Paws crossed for Poppy! Love you both.

    • dieseldawwg says:

      Thank you Sammy… We hopes for that too. Mum in no big rush for her to go…gonna make sure she is going to be as happy or happier at her new home…we love you too xxx

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