Da Daisy Tour AKA Pagan Tour

We dus do a noo blog.

Dus now we are on a trayn tootlin bak to cheshir. We aves been on owr holibobs to wiltshure and ave had the bestist time.

We thought we wud starts to rite a litul of owr blog now and then we cuds put da photies on lata … Wispas it was Rugers idea but we pinchedid it BOL.

Dis is how it startid we dus av a friend called Rosie, Wiltshire walker but also Helen, wot is mums name too.. She came to stay wiv us an so we did go stay wiv er and see da bootimus cownty wot she dus live in. We dids get on well..

Eres me wiv Jack wot is er dog. He did ave a sisfur called Daisy but she went ova da raynbow brige a litul wile ago so we will call this holibobs da Daisy tour, as well as da pagan tour as we did see some of them peepuls at da sooper stones at Averberry.

The first day we did get up erly and go to castul coomes. Mum and nuva Helen was lookin ova a wall so I had to look too. Den she tooks photies of doors and windas and owses and crows or ravens, not shure wich!

Then we wents to never pritty village called sum fin else wots we can’t rememba da name dus now but had great ole church wiv good doors and roman graves…. Kewl. Deer was sum peecoks too, we cud ere dem but not see um!

We met one ov Helen’s friends and I listuned, then a lady recognized me cos I was a cow dog… I did get a bit bored of er talkin boat cows so I ads a litul sing to myself.

Den we went to anuver place which was dead kewl and looked just like da ole days but wiv cars!

We sawed a bootimus doggie in a window.

Ands I did aves a bit of a paddul in da ford!!

Then we went back to da house and had a bbq wivs meet and I did aves a sneeky sossige.

Den we did walk to da pub along da bike….ahem, I meens tow paff on da canal. I sawed a swan and went to say hello but I fell in da water and da swan did bop me on da ed wiv it’s ooge wing and I got owt likidy split!

Turned owt it was bein pratektif, of its wife wot was sittin on a nest!! Mayks note to self… Don’t tork to cross swans.

The grown ups had a drink and then we walked back… Was very nice part from da bikes and da Rosie eatin owr gravy bones BOL

Next morning we did drive past stonehinge wot mum said was mayd of potato mashy…was good that them old peepul did decide to bild it near the road so you cuds take photies wivowt gettin owt da car! Was good but we had better places to stop!!

We did get to more intrestin stones wiv a pub at the end, this seemed much more agreeabul. There was also a car boot sale wich mum and Helen bort some littul statchews to share to reminds dem of a good hols!

We walked around da stones and they were ace. The pub had a minstrelly man oo was singin wiv a gitaar. There were intrestin burds to wotch and a nice man wot loved his dog! …..and cider and crisps!

Then we went to find an alley wot was hidden in a town… We fownd it and was very good like out of a werld wot has passed and has a man wiv a dark side of the moon tshirt on!

Then we went to a shambuls and mum tried to to buy a DVD of UP… But she spoke wiv a funny accent and da peepul didn’t understand …

Then we went ome and Helen mayd a gawjus sundy roast wiv tatas, and then surprise surprise they took us to the pub…

Last day now and we we went to tescos, and met anuver Helen, hastillonlyme, and she was luvly too and she wus so up cited to see me cos I da luvly deezul Bol!!

And now we are an hour away from home. It as been a pawsome hols, bootimus places, sooper cumpony… We dus fanks Rosie biker lady from da bottom of owr hearts.

Sendin big hugs cos we miss er already… 💙































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1 Response to Da Daisy Tour AKA Pagan Tour

  1. sammytheboxer says:

    These are the most beautiful pics. You’re so lucky to be able to travel with your Mum. She’s lucky to have you along.

    I can’t believe that Swan slapped you. Rude! Didn’t he know who you are?! I love reading about your adventures. Love you, Diesel.

    Love. Sammy

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