❄️💙owr bootimus frend Phi

My feelings bowt a huggie luvie gerl called Phi ❄️

My feelings bowt a huggie luvie gerl called Phi ❄️

Last nite I had da biggistest shock, while I was lookin in anuver direkshun somefin so sad had happened. My bootimus huggie frend had become poorly an her brave mum let her go free over the rainbow bridge so she didunt ave to suffer one bit… Dat is wot we know lovely Heidi wud do fur her adorabul Phi.

There aves been many tears but we know she is safe and dat owr frends already there will ave made er so welcome and as loved as she was here. I fink I speshul snow storm wiv pink skies and floating flakes will ave greeted er an she will ave run an spun in da whiteness.

I will never see snow agane wivowt finkin of my speshul frend.

See you agane one day pretty gerl…

Showts in direkshun of Rainbow Bridge, now covered in snow

” hug you Phi. ” ❄️❄️❄️
Love Deezul 💙

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1 Response to ❄️💙owr bootimus frend Phi

  1. Sammy & Penny Boxers says:

    This is beautiful. Thank you sweet Diesel for sharing your thoughts. Love to you & to Angel Phi. Big Hugs.

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