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❄️💙owr bootimus frend Phi

Last nite I had da biggistest shock, while I was lookin in anuver direkshun somefin so sad had happened. My bootimus huggie frend had become poorly an her brave mum let her go free over the rainbow bridge so she … Continue reading

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Da Daisy Tour AKA Pagan Tour

We dus do a noo blog. Dus now we are on a trayn tootlin bak to cheshir. We aves been on owr holibobs to wiltshure and ave had the bestist time. We thought we wud starts to rite a litul … Continue reading

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Dis bowt my dear furfriend Poppy..

Dis be Poppy a kwite eggstaordinry Jack Russell. We are great friends and play and run and scrap ( Bol) Cos of sum problems wiv where she lived, poppy has come to live wiv us but sadly we need to … Continue reading

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Here’s where I talk abowt my PAWSOME friend Marley ❤

Now this is a great guy and I don’t want to get sad cos I dun all my cryin. One ov my ferst ans speshulist pals on twitter and I am defnitly not the only pal to ave that to … Continue reading

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Puppy Overload Alert

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Dis be an awtum walk wiv da free muskerhounds

trundle froo da woods and back to the truck for a sleepy ride ome x

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Wot wuds appen if….

Me and Jeff and Dear Clyde and Bean turned up on Ruger and Izzies porch in nz to come in for a cuddle….

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