Drum roll for Poppy…❤


My littul tiny friend..

We ave spent so much time togever this last yeer, her mum got in a bad situashun and so had nowhere to lib for a while that she cud easily take me so she stayed with us.

Poppy is da best her littul legs dus go on and on like a battery wot neber wares out.

She lubs owr life of walks and werk. She is da cuddliest gerl and she luvs my mum and I don’t mind…

She can breeve unda duvet… Dis amazes us!!


I love my Poppy and she loves me 💙

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And dis, and dis an dis… Is my fur bro Oscar Boscar


Dis am my nofurbro Marks boy… We goes on holiday on da beech and he alus comes to spend Chrissymus wiv us.

He is older dan me but I more bossy. He always lets me ave my way. But he be the best swimmer eber.. When we aves been together a while we dus get kwite cuddly, but only when we finks no one is looking.

We ave mighty big fun together and as soon as he sees mums pickup truck he nose that fun is on the books…

Lub you Oscar x


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Now fer da Killer Parrot…eek


Don’t be scared is only Penne, owr bootiful parroty friend. Living wiv da warden in a bootiful tree lined werld and watching the tennis… Penne is such a loving friend and mayks us laff.

Da warden dus mayks me da most wonderful colorful skweeky fish, wot I adore!


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And now for my Wee pal Bean


Hold onto you hats and kiss your privacy good bye BOL ( oh dis meand bark out loud for dem wot do not nose) here is my adorabul pal Bean O’ ( she is so cute) Brien….

You aves neber met such a gerl in your life, funny and pretty and kind… I lubs her muchly.

Sumbody, dat we don’t want to dwell on was very horrid to owr friend and luckily they were so careless with her that now she is rescued and ith the luv list people eber. She is luved and cared for and da past is da past!

We do giggle wen wen post a photo and Bean finks I is weeing.. Sometimes mum laffs so hard she neerly wees erself!!

Sweet gerl lubs to dress in lubly clothes… We are so happy to ave her in owr werld xxx

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Fanks for joinin us on owr walk…uvers to come x


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On owr way back to da truck now afta 3 hours warkin…


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Dus ave a kwik look inside… Mmm maybe ome looks more cumfy bol


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